Welcome to Kids Cave – Early Learning – Te Rapa

Welcome to Kids Cave - Early Learning - Te Rapa

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Nestled in the corner of Te Rapa Park, you will find Kids Cave Early Learning. A small sized early childhood centre that provides a personal approach to childcare. With Infant, Toddler and Preschool rooms we provide our little learners with a warm, nurturing and stimulating place to learn and grow.

Our passionate teaching team is fully committed to creating an inspiring environment for every child to reach their potential as competent and confident learners.

Our Te Rapa childcare center offer an environment where your child will have endless opportunities to communicate, explore and contribute, while being part of our Kids Cave Early Learning Te Rapa community.

6 Months Free

6 Months FREE

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Why Choose Us?

We see children as capable learners and we believe our purpose, is to provide the experiences and opportunities to encourage a love of learning as well as the essential skills a child may need to be confident in their world.

Our Te Rapa childcare centre ensures that children have access to a wide range of learning opportunitiesĀ to support them to grow in mind, body and spirit.