2020 - May - Reunited

On the 20th March 202O COVID19 hit New Zealand and all childcare centres, schools and businesses were closed for 6 weeks.  The country was in lockdown and our doors at Kids Cave Early Learning were closed.  No sound of laughing happy children playing or quietly reading a book snuggled up on the cushions with fluffy blankets.  The playgrounds were airy with the plants blowing in the wind and the ride on equipment still stacked away in the sheds.

We all stayed home to fight the virus and slow the curve of infection.  We would listen to the daily announcements from the Priminister live from the Beehive on TV.

Finally, on May 11th the Priminister announced we had done our job and we could return to Kids Cave.

You could hear the excitement, joy and love filling the centre as each child arrived and reunited with friends.

It's great to be back at our happy place Kids Cave Early Learning reunited with our friends.

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